Replace Tail Lights

Tail light covers are cracked, getting moisture in the housing.

New taillights ready. The plastic base needs to be bought separately. I re-used the bulbs from the old enclosures as they all worked. However, one of the enclosures had offset guide pins on one of the bulbs, so the bulb didn’t fit in the new socket that had even pins. Very strange. When installing the base, the rubber gasket actually goes towards the car.

Rusty screw mounts and missing gasket contributing to problems here.

The new enclosures have wires that are not color coded. So I pulled the old wires through the holes to make sure I had the right ones in the right spots.

Fit the new enclosures on, base first with rubber gasket to the metal, then the assembly over the base with gasket making a good seal on the plastic.

8mm nuts on the back side. Used a flat washer then a lock washer under the nuts. The top ones are recessed, and really easy to drop hardware down in the gap. The washer I dropped in there will live there for many years to come.

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